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It has been an honor to represent the people of District 12 and South Dakota in the past and I look forward to an opportunity to do so again in the future. I will continue to fight for lower taxes, improved education and ensure government spending is limited to what taxpayers need-not what bureaucrats want.


We need to remember that elections have consequences. We are still seeing the consequences of the 2008 elections, with uncontrolled spending in Washington, equally uncontrolled deficits, and the specter of new or higher taxes in the future. PPACA (better known as Obama-care) is set to have an enormous negative impact on our state's budget. It must be repealed and South Dakota's taxpayers protected from the extremely expensive tax consequences.


The unrestrained spending at the federal level cannot be allowed to occur in South Dakota. We have a real balanced budget. For many years I have fought the bureaucrats that want to spend more of "other people's money," your money.


As a state legislator I will continue to have an impact in Pierre on behalf of District 12 and all South Dakotans.


I invite you to check out this website, learn more about how I am committed to families, education, economic growth, and other issues. Contact me if you have questions or concerns. Share this website and my Facebook page with others. Let's work together to ensure we keep strong conservative values in Pierre.


Sincerely yours,


Hal Wick

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